Agios Apostoloi


Just 4 km west of Chania there is the area of Agios Apostoloi, well-known for its beautiful sandy beaches. Many locals swim here all year round. Apart from the beaches, there are many possibilities for outdoor activities like mountain biking, jogging, beach volleyball and of course, walking.

An easy walk, which is suitable for families with children as well, starts and the end of the Chrissi Akti beach. A short climb will take you up through a beautiful trail. On the top you can see the city of Chania on your right. Follow the coastline towards the west. There are many trails to choose from and when you walk with your children, let them choose the trails. It is an adventure for them and you can not get lost here anyway. The area is relatively small and all trails will lead you back to the beach road.



It is very nice to walk the trail along the coastline, there is always a pleasant breeze. On a warm day there is plenty of shaded trails to choose from since more inland there are lots of pine trees. All trails will take you eventually to the lovely bay of Agios Apostoloi. For sure it is time for a swim or have a refreshing drink at one of the canteens on the beach before you head back to the starting point.