This blog is about my walks in Crete that I like to share. I believe the best way to discover Crete, meet local people and experience extraordinary things is simply on foot.

For some years now I am living in Crete. I am a European citizen, got married to a Cretan and we have 2 kids and a dog. My kids have reached the age that they have to go to school, which gives me during winter a lot of “free” time. So I decided to start to walk. My walks are 2 up to 4 hours. Just enough for me to relax and enjoy the beauty of Crete.


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  1. Hello,
    I have read all your post here and I must say it is sad that you have stoped writing. It was very interesting to read your blog.
    I wonder if you can tell me more about hikes in Akrotiri Peninsula. Especially I am interested in hikes near Stavros..

    • Hi, thank you very much for reading my blog. Usually I do a lot of hiking during winter which inspires me to write but we had a hard winter in Crete with a lot of rain and I haven’t been out hiking as much as I wanted to. For sure, after the hot summer I will hike again and write about it. In the meantime, regarding your question about hikes around Stavros, there is a nice hike starting from Stavros that goes up to the monastery of Gouverneto (alternatively you could take a taxi up to the monastery from Stavros and then hike down to Stavros. It takes only about 3 – 3,5 hours and is not very difficult. Enjoy your stay in Crete!

  2. Hi there!

    Great blog! My girlfriend and I are headed to Crete in mid-February. Any recommendations on a nice long walk/hike that won’t be TOO cold? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


    • Hi Noah, sorry for the delay in my reply. In which area of Crete are you travelling? At the moment the mountains are with snow but there are plenty of other walks and hikes in coastal areas or lower mountains that can easily be done in February (weather can be quite pleasant) and if you stay lower there are already many flowers to be spotted (orchids etc).

    • One of the hiking maps I use is the one of Harms Verlag (1:100.000).

      There is also a new walking book called “Discover Agia Galini on Foot” which is freshly pressed this year (google on discover on foot and you find the website) I have the book “Discover Vamos on Foot” which is excellent

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