Out for a walk in Crete

Lately I have made many beautiful walks with great enthusiasm and I did not have the patience to sit down and write about them. So the dilemma: shall I tell you about Karanou, a place widely known for its excellent taverns and where I found a gorge of extreme natural beauty? It attracted me so much that I went already four times! It is not a very easy walk since it involves a bit of climbing but hey, that is also part of the adventure. At some places you feel like walking in a jungle. Every now and then you have to cross a stream and small waterfalls make the scenery amazing. Here I spotted the first Barlia orchid, also called Giant orchid which has a delicious scent.

beautiful nature

beautiful nature

Or shall I tell you about the circular walk near the monastery of Gouverneto where I found (thanks to a friend) a great “off the beaten track” trail that leads into the wild gorge of Avlaki? Actually, this walk was one with many highlights. First of all the weather was great. One of the reasons why I will keep on telling you to come to Crete during winter, there are great sunny days for walks.


Another highlight was finding wild stamnagathi which grows mainly on Crete. Stamnagathi is a green leaf that has a slightly bitter taste. It is very hard to pick since it grows around a thorny bush. Fortunately it is today widely available since it is cultivated all year round. So if you want to try stamnagathi, just go to the Agora in Chania or ask a local tavern. It is delicious and very healthy. Last but not least, spotting some rare Cretan tulips and a butterfly orchid that just started to bloom made my day. It means spring is in the air!!!

wild tulips growing on rocks

wild tulips growing on rocks


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