The perfect walk

What is actually the perfect walk?

  • The perfect walk should not be too tiring and should last up to 3 hours, so you have enough time after your walk to enjoy the rest of the day on the beach, have a cold beer or visit other places of interest.
  • The perfect walk means having good company: some nice fellow walkers that can make you laugh until you cry. In the end, we walk to have fun!
  • The perfect walk should be in an area of natural beauty with the scent of herbs, flowers and plants surrounding you.
  • The perfect walk should be on tracks or land roads.
  • The perfect walk brings you beautiful views towards the sea or the mountains.
  • The icing on the cake during the perfect walk can simply be a beautiful orchid that you spot or an unknown trail that you discover while walking.

And where can you make the perfect walk? No need to say that for me this is on the island of Crete. Crete’s magnificent and varied landscape makes some excellent walking opportunities and it is one of the best opportunities of appreciating and exploring the island.



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