My walk from Vryses to Agios Georgios

A few kilometers behind the bustling tourist resort of Platanias on the Western part of Crete, you can find the small village of Vryses. This is where my first and easy walk after a hot summer starts. Unfortunately I have not been able to walk and enjoy nature during the busy tourist season. But on this lovely day I had a spare two hours which was just enough for me to make me feel good and recharge my batteries. Image

The signpost to Agios Georgios on the road to Vryses indicates the Katsounas Gorge as well. Yet unknown to me, but it makes me curious and for sure I will explore this gorge during one of my next walks. The path slowly ascends, a Cretan couple passes me with their pick-up truck, nodding friendly to me. I greet them back and say kalimera. They must wonder why I go, all by myself, on foot.

It takes me less than an hour to reach my destination: the small church of Agios Georgios. It is built on the top of a hill overlooking the impressive White Mountains on one side, the peninsula of Rodopou, the island of Theodorou and the peninsula of Akrotiri, Chania on the seaside. I decide to have a small picnic here and to sit down for a while, just to admire the breathtaking views.

When it is time to go, I take a path that takes me right back to the center of the village. Opposite the main church there is a small kafeneion. A nice frappe and a chat with the owner of the kafeneion make this little outing complete.

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