Walking from Vamos to Douliana

November is a lovely month in Crete. The tourist season has ended, the weather is still great and ideal for walkers. I found a nice walk in the book “Discover Vamos on Foot” (http://www.discoveronfoot.com/), 3,5 hours from Vamos to the village of Douliana. Vamos is a very pretty village in the area of Apokoronas, West Crete with a lot of history. Just wander around the old streets, you will find beautifully restored Venetian Houses. Also, it is an ideal base for walkers. The walk starts in the square of the village and takes you through a beautiful landscape to the traditional village of Douliana. The track is easy and after passing the church of Agios Antonios (loved the sign “Rock Church”, it is actually a small church build in a cave) the road goes uphill to the village Douliana. Douliana has a second name “Xiliandros” which means “village of a thousand men”. Well, I did not spot any, but I really enjoyed this walk!Image

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